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Ghana Armed Forces
CDS Remarks at a Dedication of New Arakan Presby/Methodist Chapel on Sunday 12 May 2013

Officiating Pastor, Rev Col Adoteye-Asare,
The Chaplain, Arakan Presby/ Methodist Church,
The Elders,
Distinguished Invited Guests,
Ladies and Gentlemen,
My Brothers and Sisters in Christ.
1.    I am very happy to be here with you this morning on this memorable occasion of commissioning a new place of worship for the Arakan Presby/Methodist Church.  For it is always a good thing to worship and serve the most High God with all your heart and mind; with all your strength and might; and with all your being.

This new magnificent place of worship is a clear indication of your commitment and devotion to the serve and worship of God, and I commend you all for this.

2.    As you all must be very much aware of, morale is a very critical requirement for any successful fighting force; and spiritual well-being is one of its important pillars. Armed Forces, the world over, have therefore always paid special attention to the spiritual development of their troops. The Ghana Armed Forces has not been an exception. Indeed the spiritual well-being of our troops and their families has always been a key objective in all our strategic plans

3.    This is why there is a whole Directorate in place at the General Headquarters level to formulate policies, programmes and supervise their implementation for the promotion of the spiritual well-being of all troops and our families. Again, that is why the Ghana Armed Forces has pursued an active policy of encouraging and supporting diverse religious activities in all our barracks and installations.

4.    I am determined, with my colleagues on the Military High Command, to continue with the policy, because it is in our individual and collective interest. Apart from the important consideration of morale highly religious persons make better soldiers. To ensure that our Armed Forces remain efficient, effective, and constantly up to task of discharging its constitutional mandate of successfully defending our dear country against external aggression and internal disturbances, it is important that we continue to emphasize the spiritual well-being of the rank and file, and our families.

5.    Distinguished ladies and gentlemen, it is my fervent prayer that this new magnificent edifice shall be a true House of God, where all who come in shall find spiritual solace and envigoration.  That it shall be a magnet for winning more souls to Christ and transforming lives for the better. That it would accelerate a moral and spiritual revolution amongst troops and families; and serve to strengthen our dear Armed Forces and country even.

6.    Let me at this juncture commend the initiators of this project for their bold, vision and foresight. I also commend the Chaplain, the Church Committee, Elders and the entire membership of the Arakan Presby/Methodist Church for your courage in embracing the vision, and your perseverance, sacrifice, and hard work, in bringing it into reality. I salute and congratulate you all for excellent work done in the service of God. May he continue to bless you all, the Presby/Methodist Church, our dear Armed Forces and country.

7.    Finally, I wish to thank the Chaplain, Elders, and the entire membership for inviting me to be part of this memorable occasion. It has been a most uplifting spiritual experience for me, and please do not be surprise to see me here subsequently uninvited. May the Good Lord richly bless us all.

Government Delegation Arrives in South Sudan
Press Release

Issued by the Public Relations Directorate, General Headquarters, Burma Camp, Accra
Tel: +233-302775665 Fax: +233-302772241  Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   Release No. 25  19 May 2014           

Barely 24 hours on the special Ghanaian delegation arriving in South Sudan, the weapons and other equipment of the Ghanaian troops serving with the UN Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) have been released to them.

The weapons and other items were flown from Juba, the capital, to Bentui, the northernmost location of the Ghanaian contingent, on Sunday afternoon, ending an impasse which started soon after the troops arrived in the country from Cote d’Ivoire.

The government delegation dispatched to South Sudan to address challenges facing Ghanaian soldiers serving with the United Nations Mission in that country (UNMISS) arrived in the capital Juba on Saturday, 17 May 2014.

The delegation was met on arrival at the Juba airport by a South Sudanese government team comprising Gen Paul Malong Awan, Chief of the General Staff of the Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA), and Maj Gen Kuol Deng Abot, Director General for International Public Relations at the Ministry of Defence, as well as the Deputy Force Commander and Officer in charge of the Office of the Force Commander of UNMISS, Brig Gen Ramesh Kumar Pun.

Welcoming the delegation to South Sudan, Gen Awan said his personal friend is a Ghanaian and the team was at home.

On his part the leader of the Ghanaian delegation, Hon Okletey Terlabi, Deputy Minister for Defence, said the delegation was in the country to thank the government of South Sudan for acceding to the request of the government of Ghana to receive Ghanaian troops to work in the country with the UN mission. The visit was also to urge the two countries to continue with the good relationship between them while assuring the Ghanaian troops that they have not been abandoned.

On a lighter note, the Hon Fritz Baffour, Chairman of the Select Committee on Defence and Interior of the Parliament of Ghana and a member of the delegation, said the delegation was happy to be in South Sudan coming from the first country south of the Sahara to be independent to the latest country on the continent to gain self-determination and added this confirmed Ghana’s stand that the independence of Ghana was meaningless until it was linked to the total liberation of the continent.

The Ghanaian delegation is expected to meet with officials of the government and the UN mission later in the week to deliberate on the issue.

Other members of the Ghanaian delegation are Maj Gen Richard Kwame Opoku-Adusei, Chief of the Army Staff (COAS), Brig Gen Kwaku Asamoa-Yeboa, Director General in charge of International Peace Support Operations at the General Headquarters, and Chief Warrant Officer Owusu Dickson, Force Sergeant Major.


Lieutenant Colonel
Acting Director Public Relations

Speech by CO 48 Engineer Regiment at the commissioning of a new Regimental Headquarters Building Project on 30 April 2013 at Teshie

The Honourable Minister for Defence
Commandant MATS
Distinguished Generals
Senior Officers
Hon MP for Ledzorkuku
Commanding Officers
Ladies and Gentlemen

On behalf of the Officers, Men and Civilian Employees of the 48 Engineer Regiment, I wish to warmly welcome you and to thank you for accepting our invitation to join us this afternoon. We also want to thank the Honourable Minister for Defence and his entourage for accepting to commission the RHQ Project on his maiden visit to the Regiment despite the short notice.

About 6 months ago we gathered at this same place for an equipment presentation to the unit by the German Military Advisory Group. Today, we are gathered for a very simple occasion - to commission a newly-constructed Regimental Headquarters Building, a project constructed through self-help by the Regiment and which took 18 months to complete.

The concept of constructing a new RHQ was mooted at a morning briefing session in 2011 when we were tasked to host a 53-man Chinese delegation led by the Minister of Internal Affairs, a 4-star General. The dilemma was where to brief such a high-profile delegation. Our programme which outlined a briefing session at the WOs and Sgts Mess and walking him to the Sappers Gardens for an equipment display was rejected due to time constraints. We resorted to a walking tour at the equipment grounds despite the beautiful power point we had earlier prepared.

A young Officer, Capt Agbenyega, who was in charge of the renovation of the old RHQ block, advised that we demolish the block, which witnessed a perennial maintenance, and replace  it with a storey building complex. We conferred with Col CB Alhassan, Director Engineer Services, for technical advice. He appointed Maj Tekyi, an architect, and Capt Spio, a structural engineer, to assist the Regiment with the construction. The officers produced the architectural and the structural drawings for our study. The Bill of Quantities was also produced.

We drew inspiration from the fact that generally the cost of any building is broken into segments; approximately about 15-20% set aside as profit, 20-30% as labour cost and about 50-60% to cater for materials. We were motivated by the fact that we have the work force in the Regiment and we needed no profit in the construction. So we set off looking for the remaining 50%. We were also inspired by the fact that the 50% will include transport, fuel and equipment which the unit is endowed with.

Hon Defence Minister, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, fortunately for us these discussions occurred at the time the unit had returned from peacekeeping mission with UNMIL in Liberia. We had our PX profit and soldiers' personal contributions at hand which were the first line of financial support for the project. We also had a lot of internal support for our projects. All the timber used for the project was brought from the Konda road project site in the Volta Region. We cleared a 4km road through the forest and every big tree definitely felled within our centre-line or a temporary bypass will bring the timber unto our path. When the going became tough we solicited the support of organizations and institutions that we work closely with.

Hon Minister for Defence, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, at this juncture we would like to acknowledge the role played by some individuals in the construction of the RHQ Building. Without following any order, we would like to say a big thank you to Col CB Alhassan, Maj Tekyi and Capt Spio, all of DES, for the technical assistance provided in the design and supervision of the project from start to finish. We will also like to say a big thank you to Lt Cols Gagakuma, CO BSD, and Ajibadeck, CO MT Bn, for supporting us with fuel whenever the need arose.  To Lt Col Agyapong, former CO ARTS, we say kudos for arranging with the quarries at Shail Hills for the free supply of 230 cubic metres of chippings.

We also say a big thank you to the Agricultural Development Bank, United Bank for Africa, NADMO, MCE of LEKMA for substantial financial support in the construction of the RHQ.  There are several others who prefer not to be mentioned, they know themselves and we say Allah bless you abundantly for your efforts.

To the work gang, we say well done and it is my hope this project has helped in sharpening our skills in vertical construction.  The output of this project is comparable to most high rise buildings built by top class contractors in the country.  It is an indication that we have come of age to be competitive for most of the MOD housing projects undertaken by civil contractors.  Let me at this juncture say Ayekoo to Lt Ganfaa, the civil engineer who supervised the major construction, and the work gang led by WOII Adotey Saka who earned himself  the nickname “I go kill you”.  He meant business and was prepared to “kill” to ensure that the work progressed steadily.  We want to also thank the unit 2IC, Maj Jonas Wiafe, for the effective coordination of all the outside assistance and the execution of the project.

We want at this juncture to acknowledge the role of the former CDS, Lt Gen Peter Augustine Blay, for directing that some minor GHQ projects be undertaken by the unit and any profit realized used to support the project.  We say a big thank you and May God Almighty grant you your heart's desire. 

Hon Defence Minister, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen.  Today, we are able to construct a new RHQ, not because we possess any special quality, but because we have been fortunate to have very excellent and outstanding fore-bearers whose commitment and dedication to duty have laid the sound foundation upon which we have been inspired to build upon.

Hon Defence Minister, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen.  Once again welcome to 48 Engineer Regiment and enjoy yourselves.  Thank you.

CDS Commends GHQ Staff

CDS Vice Admiral Matthew Quashie interacting with a civilian employee 24 December 2015. The Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) of the Ghana Armed Forces Vice Admiral Mathew Quashie has expressed his appreciation to staff of the General Headquarters for the support they have given him throughout the year that has helped him achieve his agenda for the past year.

Vice Admiral Quashie made the commendation during a reception for the staff of the General Headquarters at Burma Camp on Thursday 24 December 2015.
He stated that personnel have been a great pillar of support to him and said the successes chalked could not have been possible without them.

Capt Addai-Duah receives a 40 inch LED  TV for placing second in the CDS essay competition.He reminded personnel of the Armed Forces of the task ahead in 2016 stating that the nation will be looking up the Ghana Armed Forces to help maintain the peace and tranquility being enjoyed. He said with Commitment and tenacity of purpose peace will reign before, during and after the general elections.
Vice Admiral Quashie also pledged to do what he can to ensure congenial atmosphere for all personnel in the discharge of their duties.

In his welcome address, the Chief of Staff of the General Headquarters Maj Gen Saagbul said it was important to reflect on how well staff contributed to the running of the General Headquarters.

Maj Gen Saagbul explained that the reception was to afford the CDS the opportunity to show his appreciation to all for their assistance in achieving his agenda for the past year.

The occasion was used to award personnel who excelled in this year’s CDS’ easy competition with Capt KB Addai Dua taking home a 40’ SAMSUNG LED TV and a wall mount bracket for placing 2nd in the officer category. Sub Lt Bonsu also received a 32’ SUMSUNG LED TV for placing 3rd in the same category.

In the Other Rank category , Cpl Tetteh Robert also received a 40’ LED TV and a wall mount bracket for placing 2nd with LS Ahiabge winning a 32’ LED TV for placing 3rd.

The overall winners will be presented with their prizes during the GHQ WASSA next year.



Praise be to Allah who has sent His servant the Book and has allowed there in no crookedness. He has made it straight and clear in order that he may warn the godless of a terrible punishment from Him, and that he may give glad tidings to the believers, who work righteous deeds that they shall have a goodly reward from the Almighty Allah. Amen.

1. To proceed, my respected brothers and sisters present I wish to exhort you to believe and trust in the Almighty God and accept His Divine laws. Let us also demonstrate our gratitude to him for granting all of us present the opportunity to assembly for this Memorial and thanksgiving service. I know the purpose for this gathering is basically to pray for all departed comrades and to thank the Lord for our lives and our Nation Ghana.


The end of being alive, is inevitable and unavoidable. The Quran says “every soul shall taste of death” and in chapter 63:11 it says: But to no soul will God grant respite when the time appointed (for it) has come; and God will acquainted with all that ye do. “There are two ways of departing from this world. This is through natural or artificial courses. Let us avoid the second one.


A man was told he will die in water. He decided to avoid rivers, streams and lagoons. But because God has destined that he will die in water, although a poor man, God enrich him and decided to build a mansion. He started the project and put a big bath in the washroom. One day, the weather became very hot. He then filled the bath and started swimming in it. The angel of Death descended on him and said that God has destined that you will die in water therefore I will take your life right here. That was the end of this poor man. Fellow believers, nobody can run away from death. Therefore let us prepare for our exit from this fleeting world.


Fellow believers, we all know of a great prophet and a king called Suleiman (Solomon) He was a righteous servant of the Most High God.

One day, he prayed to the Almighty Good for a special privilege. And God answered his prayers and He bestowed power of movement of his stool. A stride of his stool is one (1) month journey. The Quran says in Chapter 34:12 “And to Solomon (We made) the wind (obedient); its early morning stride was a month’s (journey);

We made a font of molten brass to flow for him, and there were jinns that worked in front of him, by the leave of his Lord and if any of them turned aside from our command, we made him taste of penalty of blazing fire. Fellow worshippers! I believe strongly that from this gift of movement by his stool in the air which can be a month’s journey is the source or the origin of all types of aircrafts. The Quran says in chapter 55:33 “O ye assembly of jinns and men! if it be ye can pass beyond the zones of the heavens and the earth, pass ye! Not without authority shall ye be able to pass.”

Therefore God the Almighty has given man the authority, the wisdom and scientific knowledge to manufacture aircrafts for easy movement. Praise be to Allah. Amen. Let us all be grateful to God for the chance he has given us. Amen.

Fellow congregants! The Almighty God has done a lot for us therefore let us all say. Lord we thank you (let us say it in our local languages).

The Quran say. “And remember! Your Lord caused to be declared (publicly) if ye are greateful, I will add more favours unto you; but if ye show ingratitude, truly my punishment is terrible indeed” Q 14:7

I am optimistic that we are all grateful to the almighty God for His favours on us and our dear Nation Ghana.


Fellow worshippers! I believe this concise message to you this morning will be a wakeup call to you to increase your gratitude to the Lord.

May the method of our departed souls be the source of cleaning for them and may the Almighty Allah accept them in paradise where we believe they will have endless bliss, spiritual joy, complete happiness and perfect happiness. Amen.


O Allah! Forgive those of us who are still alive and those who have passed away, those present and those absent and our young and elderly, the males and females. O Allah, the one whom you wish to keep alive from us, make him live according to your divine revelation and anyone you wish to die from among us let him die in the state of faith.

O Allah I seek refuge in you from the feebleness of old age. O Allah we seek refuge in you from the evil of what we did and from the evil of what we did not do.  Guide us to the best of deeds and the best of morals, as none can guide to the best, except you.  O Allah we ask of you to be pleased with your decree, return to good life after death, and we earnestly seek to gaze upon your glorious countenance and to be in your presence.

Bless our Nation, and make it the best place of living. May the peace, mercy and the blessings of Allah be upon us all. Amen.


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