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The Chief of the Defence Staff 2012 EID-UL-FITR message

19 August 2012.     Asalamu Alaikum, I am sure that we all share in the deep sense of accomplishment that has characterised your successful observance of this year’s Ramadan fast which is a confirmation of your fervent belief in the omnipotence of Almighty Allah. 

As Muslims serving with the colours, nothing can be more gratifying than the fact that we are so committed to the observance of the tenets of the faith.  It is clearly no mean achievement abstaining from all sources of physical nourishment and sensual gratification for the required period, and it is my prayer that Almighty Allah rewards all your efforts out of His immense bounty.

The importance of this particular fast is the fact that it came in the wake of the passing of the late President John Evans Atta Mills who was also the Commander-in-Chief of the Ghana Armed Forces.  I have no doubt that one of your core prayer concerns was for the soul of the departed president to be received in the bosom of Almighty Allah and given eternal rest. 

In the same vein, I am also sure that you took the opportunity to commit the country that our late President so regrettably left behind into the hands of Almighty Allah, to guide our steps as we go through the elections this year. 

To this end, I wish to exhort you to extol the same values of resilience, tenacity and patience that are part of the range of values the professional Ghana Armed Forces seeks to inculcate in all serving officers, men and women.  It is only by demonstrating love and understanding for each other and the nation that you would have allowed your spiritual angle to impact on your mundane life as you persevered through this all-important religious observance. 

Finally, it is my belief as well as that of the entire Military High Command that your observance of the norms and regulations of this important pillar of the Muslim faith has inured to the advantage of the entire GAF. 

May the Almighty Allah bless you and your families for keeping faith in this year’s Ramadan.  Barka De Sallah

Chief of the Army Staff’s EID-UL-FITR message

17 August 2012, Once again the Eid-ul-Fitr festival is here with us and it is my greatest pleasure, in the name of Almighty Allah, the Most Gracious and the Most Merciful, to convey to all Muslim faithful of the professional Ghana Army and their families, my warmest regards and most sincere wishes.  As you celebrate this occasion on Sunday 19 August 2012, I wish to congratulate all of you for successfully going through this vigorous ritual of fasting.
Is my sincere desire that you will all ponder over the significance of the occasion and give cognisance to the total submission of Prophet Abraham to Allah. In like spirit, we must all demonstrate this in practical terms and be prepared to sacrifice in the interest of humankind. In this regard, no sacrifice would be considered too big or too small. However, the need for the peaceful co-existence of the human race should be of paramount consideration and the spirit of give and take that it entails should have pride of palace in our hearts.
I wish, particularly, to recognise the supreme sacrifice of our men and women, who are deployed all over the world, pursuing the noble cause of peace to mankind, often times at the peril of their lives. It is said that no sacrifice is greater than a man laying down his life for his fellow man. In pursuing this noble objective, therefore, we are fulfilling a cardinal injunction of the Islamic faith. In our congregational prayers, let us review our commitment to the pursuit of world peace and good neighborliness and remember our brothers and sisters all over the world who are making modest contributions to world peace and security.
By the celebration of Eid-ul-Fitr, let us also renew our commitment to the virtue of loyalty and professionalism, devotion to a cause, self-discipline and steadfastness, all of which constitute the pillars and aspirations of all of us, as professional soldiers and devout faithful of Islam. I urge you to pray, in particular, for a peaceful and stable environment as our Nation prepares for general elections on 7 December 2012. We should resolve to preserve the sanctity of our Nation at all cost, Allah being our helper.
It is my greatest pride and singular honour to convey to you and the entire Muslim brotherhood, on behalf of the officers, men and women of the Great Professional Ghana Army, my warmest and sincerest wishes for a most fulfilling and rewarding Eid-Dul-Fitr celebration.
Finally, may Allah, the Most Gracious and Most Merciful, bestow on all of you and your households, good health, prosperity and total peace throughout the year. May He grant you and your families’ abundant grace and sanctity now and always.


Carry aloft the flag of the Ghana Air Force-Air Cdre Ayamgha

3 August 2012. Air Cdre Francis Atani Ayamgha, Chief Staff Officer (CSO), Air Force Headquarters, Accra, has charged young airmen to carry aloft the flag of the Ghana Air Force, holding it in their forward march to the realisation of the mission of the Force, that is, to deliver first class airpower to meet national security objectives.

Air Cdre Ayamgha was speaking as the reviewing officer of the passing out parade of 141 recruits of Air Force Recruits Course 1/2012, at the Air Force Base, Takoradi, on Friday, 3 August 2012.

The Reviewing Officer asked the young airmen not to rest on their oars but be active players in the journey to the realisation of the vision and mission of the Ghana Air Force and the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) as a whole.

Air Cdre  Ayamgha urged the airmen to apply themselves with all zeal and zest at any level of training they would undergo after passing out to enable them learn more to discharge their duties adequately. He asked them to always aim to go the extra mile as they assumed their duty posts to defend the country’s aerospace.

The CSO cautioned the young airmen to do well to avoid unprofessional behaviours like unsolicited police duties, land guarding, posing as debt collectors and other activities that might tarnish the image of the noble profession they had chosen to join, saying, “be loyal to command at all times and work diligently to gain the confidence and trust of all.”

He told the young airmen, High Command of the Ghana Air Force would not gloss over any act of misconduct aimed at tarnishing the image of the Ghana Air Force. Perpetrators, he added, would answer individually when caught.

Air Cdre Ayamgha assured the 141 young airmen of government’s commitment to providing better conditions of service, with regard to improving accommodation, medical care and other social facilities of GAF to make life comfortable and create a conducive atmosphere for them to work.
He reminded them to also fulfill their part by dedicating themselves to the ethics of the noble profession of GAF and be focused at all times to the defence of the country.

The CSO used the occasion to thank Stella Logistics in Takoradi, for donating a trophy and a cash prize of Two Hundred Ghana Cedis (GH¢200) for the overall best recruit, as well as other individuals and organisations whose help had resulted in the successful passing out of the recruits.

The Ghana Air Force Band provided melodious tunes while the recruits proudly marched in slow and quick time to show how successfully they had met the benchmark that guaranteed them a career in the Ghana Air Force and GAF as a whole.

Awards were presented to some recruits who distinguished themselves during their six months of training. 202660 Recruit Woode Adjei Adolf, emerged the overall best recruit for course 1/2012

Do not compromise with discipline-Air Cdre Ayamgha

7 August 2012.      The Chief Staff Officer (CSO), Air Force Headquarters, Accra, Air Cdre Francis Atani Ayamgha, has entreated students of Drill and Duties Course 1-12, not to compromise on discipline as it was the foundation on which all security institutions were built.

He said, “you have to serve as ethical standard bearers by exhibiting good personal example before your subordinates. It is the only effective way to exercise moral authority over them as there are no short cuts to these rules”.

Air Cdre Ayamgha was speaking as the reviewing officer for the graduation parade of Drill and Duties Course 1-12, on Tuesday, 7 August 2012 at the Army Combat Training School (ACTS), Teshie.

He told the graduating class not to be surprised if much more was demanded of them by their superiors, peers and subordinates as they rejoin their unit after their 12 weeks of intensive and highly demanding course.

Air Cdre Ayamgha said, “your professionalism, discipline and bearing will be under constant scrutiny as graduands of the Drill and Duties School, your main challenge apart from leading by personal example, is to demonstrate to all that you now have what it takes to achieve unit goals and to enforce the highest standard of discipline in which ever capacity you may find yourselves”.

It was his hope the graduands would live beyond expectation and make their commanders and lecturers proud by demonstrating that the efforts put into the course was not in vain.

The Reviewing Officer congratulated graduands from sister security services for successfully completing the drill and duties course. He encouraged them to bring their achievements to bear on their respective services by sharing the additional knowledge and experience they had gained with their colleagues.

“You are enjoined to live up to expectation at all times and be mindful that it is your responsibility to add value to the training you have received here”, he added.

Air Cdre Ayamgha also congratulated all the participants especially 193874 Sgt Nyaaba Daniel Awimbila for taking the Commandant’s price award as the overall best student of the course.

The graduating class was made up of 45 students, comprising, 39 from the Ghana Armed Forces and one each from 6 sister security services including the St John Ambulance.

The drill and duties course was aimed at equipping students with up-to-date knowledge in drill, and the essentials of unit administration. It was to broaden the professional outlook of the students for effective leadership in order to make them more capable for the responsibility of being vital links between command within the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) and other security services.

Students of the course 1-12 were made up of warrant officers and senior non-commissioned officers and its equivalent of GAF and also students from the Ghana Police, Prisons, Customs Exercise and Preventive Service (CEPS), Ghana Immigration Service, Fire Service and the St John Ambulance.

Lt Col GK Tawiah Sam assumes command of 2BN

1 August 2012.   Lt Col George Kwamina Tawiah Sam has taken over command of the 2 Infantry Battalion (2Bn) in the Western Region during a handing and taking over ceremony at the Myohaung Barracks, Apremdo, on Wednesday, 1 August 2012.

He took over office as the 26 Commanding Officer (CO) of the Unit from Lt Col Albert kwejo Dawohoso, the outgoing CO.
In his remarks, Lt Col Dawohoso urged the new CO to continue to maintain the existing civil-military relations in Region in order to enhance good working conditions with the indigenes.

He implored soldiers of the Unit to extend to the new CO the selfless support they gave him (Lt Col Dawohoso) while he was in office which enabled him to have a very successful term. He asked them to continue their hard work and dedication to duty and always heed to the instructions of their new CO.

Lt Col GKT Sam expressed his gratitude to the out-going CO for opening up to him and sharing with him the experiences he had acquired as a CO of the Unit. He was very grateful to Lt Col Dawohoso for giving him details on some vital problems pertaining to the region, gallamsey operations and encroachment on military lands.

Climaxing the ceremony was a colorful display from the unit band and a pull out ceremony of the former CO, Lt Col Dawohoso, by the Officers and Warrant Officers of the Battalion. 
The handing and taking over ceremony was preceded by a religious church service at the 2Bn Methodist/ Presbyterian Church on Sunday, 29 July 2012 where the Lt Col Dawohoso thanked God for seeing him through his eight years of service as CO of the Battalion.

While the new Commanding officer also dedicated his term of duty to the Almighty God, asking for protection, wisdom and strength to enable him have a successful term and improve the development of the Unit.
He also prayed for good health for his troops and their families.

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