Friday, April 18, 2014
Welcome Message

Welcome to the Ghana Armed Forces Website
Welcome Message

Welcome to the Ghana Armed Forces Website. This website is specially designed to provide you, in particular, and the public in general a window to the Ghana Armed Forces.

The Ghana Armed Forces was established to serve this nation and its people and over the decades it has lived up to expectation. In these pages you will definitely find information on a variety of activities and issues in the military to assure you of the Ghana Armed Forces' capability and capacity to handle assigned tasks professionally and effectively.

We therefore trust that you will find the website fruitful and quite rewarding as you surf through it. Being newly published, it may take a while to satisfy all your interests. We are doing our best to ensure that you are satisfied.

You will find in this website information on the various components of the Ghana Armed Forces, as well as the Ministry of Defence, which has oversight responsibility of the Ghana Armed Forces. You will also find information on many issues of interest for the public.

Additionally, we have links to other websites which we believe you may need to refer to while surfing on this website. We have made it very easy for you to connect to these related websites. There are also lots of photographs to make your day.

We will like to remind the public that while this website is a public document, we will expect that any information, either in part or whole, reproduced from this site would be appropriately attributed to the Ghana Armed Forces.

The Ghana Armed Forces is there to serve you and the nation. Gladly, we welcome you on board.

We welcome your contribution to the website on what the public expects it to be. Please feel free to talk to us.




Chief of Staff, Ghana Armed Forces
for the Chief of the Defence Staff