Saturday, December 3, 2016

10 April, 2010. The Ghana Military Academy Golden Jubilee Alumni and Family Fun Games have been held at the El Wak Sports stadium on Saturday 10 April, 2010 with army officers annexing the football trophy.

The programme which formed part of the 50th anniversary celebrations of the Academy was to instill in service personnel the habit of staying healthy at all times through physical exercise.

The event was also aimed at demonstrating healthy civil-military relations geared towards the true military spirit of camaraderie which has sustained the Ghana Armed Forces over the years. 

In all, four teams participated.  Naval and Air Force officers were grouped as team ‘A’ and the Army officers team ‘B’.  Officer Cadets of the Academy made up teams ‘C’ and ‘D’.  The Army Officers team beat the Officer Cadets team ‘D’ by two goals to nothing en route to the final game against Officer Cadets Team ‘C’.

During the highly anticipated final, the resilience of the Officer Cadets team C was not strong enough to resist a lone goal loss to the Army officers in a well battled match full of ecstasy and glamour. 

In the other disciplines, Tame A won the tug of war competition after forcefully pulling Officer Cadets team D in the finals.

Wives of the officers were not left out as they pitched their strength against the female officer cadets who came out victorious and were awarded a trophy for that exuberant performance.

The Officer Cadets team managed to defeat the Army Officers by 19 to 12 points to take the basketball.  The volleyball competition was won by the Air Force and the Naval Officers team after defeating the Army Officers.

Closing the ceremony, the Chief of the Defence Staff, Lt Gen Peter Blay, as Guest of Honour, stressed on the importance of the occasion in boosting civil-military relations and enhancing the fitness of service personnel.

“Fifty years on, the Academy has seen virtually no infrastructural improvement or additions. The existing ones are now woefully inadequate to meet modern demands” he lamented.

He therefore underscored the need to improve and add to the infrastructure and facilities at the Academy in order to make it a modern and effective training institution for officer cadets.

He praised Intakes 7 and 8 for taking the lead to erect a statue and a clock tower at the Academy and pledged High Command’s resolve in providing among others, a well-equipped library, model room, lecture rooms, additional residential accommodation, a gym, a resource centre and a swimming pool.

He revealed that work was underway on a Fifty thousand Dollar ($50,000) 2-storey, 16-room residential accommodation to be known as the Alumni House, which he said, would be handed over during the anniversary parade on 3rd September, 2010.

He reminded officers, both past and present, to contribute generously towards the completion of the Alumni House and the other projects embarked at the Military Academy.

Present at the ceremony were the Defence Minister, Lt Gen Joseph Smith,  service chiefs, unit commanders, officers and their families.